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Here’s what we will review during your consultation:


We will become acquainted with your business and your goals. For example, some businesses might want to increase foot traffic to their brick and mortar, some may want more quote requests, some may want to increase membership. This is a two sided query, as we want to understand your marketing goals with your website (if there are any) and we also want to make sure you are a good fit for our limited select clientele. We want to work with people that know why they need a service like ours. Typically that is businesses that have been burned by cheap hosting and lack of management and those for whom an additional $250/month technology bill is not a huge stretch.


If there is an existing website we will review the platform the current website is built and hosted on.


If there is an existing website we will review it's search performance and that of your competitors.


We will go over the different logins we will need in order for us to migrate your website and email (as appropriate), if you should chose to do so.
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*We value your privacy, all information is kept strictly confidential.
There are a lot of junk services out there. Rest assured with us you will have top of the line high touch, high attention kind of hosting service. Limited clientele to give everyone the attention they're paying for.
We will do our best to call exactly at your requested time.

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